What are the characteristics of the production of plastic products?


What are the characteristics of the production of injection molded plastic products?

(1) It is possible to form various plastic products with complicated shapes at one time.

(2) The structure and mutual position of the injection molded articles can ensure that the surface quality of the products is good.

(3) The product structure has high dimensional accuracy and can have good assembly interchangeability.

(4) Injection molding of plastic products with metal inserts.

(5) Needle products can be standardized, standardized, and serialized.

(6) The operation of the injection machine is relatively simple, and the adjustment and updating of the mold for the molded product are more convenient.

(7) The injection performance is fully automated to produce plastic products with high production efficiency.

(8) The investment in injection molding equipment is relatively large, the manufacturing cost of molding mold is high, and the premise of injection molding of molded products needs to be strictly controlled.