Does PE physical foam material have chemical pollution? (physical foam gasket)


PE, that is, polyethylene, has a chemical formula of nCH2. It can be seen from the chemical formula that the material only contains stable carbon and hydrogen elements, and the chemical effects are very stable. PE products are called pollution-free products by advanced countries in the world. During the production process of the products, they will not cause environmental pollution. After the products are used, they are easy to recycle and have non-toxic, odorless, drug-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, halogen-resistant and other properties. The performance of various chemicals, and it is very easy to process, and can be cut and laminated with a variety of materials. As a new generation of high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and energy-saving gasket materials, it is widely used in various sealing occasions.

PE products are divided into foamed products and non-foamed products, and foamed products are divided into chemical foaming and physical foaming. PE material itself is an environmentally friendly and non-polluting product, but PE chemical foaming products are different. Chemical substances are added, and foaming occurs through chemical reactions to produce cells. Usually, there will be residual chemical substances on the gasket, causing secondary pollution. For some products with low requirements, the use of chemically foamed gaskets, such as lubricating oil and laundry detergent, is barely acceptable, but beverages and food cannot be used, which will cause poisoning to the human body.