What environment is the silicone gasket not suitable for (physical foam gasket)


There are many advantages of silicone gaskets. First, its heat resistance can work in a very low temperature environment, the lowest can reach minus 100 degrees. It has good resistance to oxidation and ozone in the air, because the molecules of silicone The structure makes the silicone sealing ring have good air permeability and good selectivity to gas, and because it is non-toxic and tasteless, silicone sealing gaskets are used in many food and medical industries.

Excellent insulation performance is another advantage, but if carbon black, nickel powder, aluminum powder, etc. are properly added to the material, it can also increase the conductivity. The silicone sealing ring also has the function of moisture absorption, which has the function of absorbing and blocking the moisture in the environment, but has poor water vapor resistance. Having said so many advantages of silicone seals. But silicone is not everything. Its flaws are also more obvious.

So under what circumstances is it not suitable to use silicone gaskets?

1. First of all, it is not suitable to use silicone sealing ring in the working environment with working pressure exceeding 50 pounds;

2. Although silicone rubber is compatible with most oils, compounds and solvents, and has good acid and alkali resistance, it has little resistance to alkyl hydrogen and aromatic oils.


3. In addition, it is not recommended to use silicone gaskets in most concentrated solvents, oils, concentrated acids and diluted caustic soda solutions.

With the development of time and the advancement of silica gel technology, some special silica gels with special ingredients also have the functions of radiation resistance, flame resistance, and oil resistance; special silicone rubbers such as fluorosilicone, boron silica gel, and phenyl silica gel are also in their respective fields. The category shines.

"If a worker wants to be good at his work, he must first sharpen his tools", choose the right product at the right position, and do a good job in the application and deployment of silicone rubber, special silicone rubber and special rubber, so that it can truly achieve "one man is responsible" Close, Wanfu don't open".